Chocolate peanut butter smoothie

You would think being lactose intolerant during the summer would be particularly hard.

Do I tear up a bit every time I hear an ice cream truck? Am I an outcast at children’s birthday parties? What do I do when I want to treat myself on a sticky Saturday afternoon (which has been EVERY afternoon this summer)?


The truth is I’ve never been an ice cream person. I dabbled from time to time but it’s definitely something I can live without.

Now cheese on the other hand…ugh. Don’t get me started, it’s too tragic.

There is one specific craving I have from time to time: it’s for a chocolate peanut butter milkshake. Never any other flavor, or any other format. It’s the only frozen dessert I  crave.


So I was really excited when someone I follow on Instagram posted a recipe for a dairy free chocolate peanut butter milkshake. I realized that getting around the dairy thing is pretty easy: sub in chocolate coconut ice cream and almond milk and you’re done.

Then I thought: do I really want the ingredients for this milkshake on hand? What’s going to stop me from having a milkshake everyday for breakfast?

Answer: nothing.

Which led to long musings on milkshakes for breakfast which led to a realization that smoothies are basically like milkshakes for breakfast which led to this recipe for my favorite summer dessert, reinvented as a semi-nutritious smoothie.

I kept the chocolate, upped the peanut butter and added spinach for health. I’m pretty pleased with the results and I think you will be too.


Chocolate peanut butter smoothie

Makes 1 smoothie

2 bananas, sliced and frozen
1/2 cup spinach leaves (or more or, you know, you could leave them out and I wouldn’t tell 😜)
3 tablespoons peanut or other nut butter
1 cup chocolate almond milk

Add ingredients to blender. Blend until smooth, adding more milk if needed.

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