North River Lobster Co: You’re on a boat

The Infatuation wrote an article on the best lobster rolls in the Hamptons and I’m slightly embarrassed yet slightly proud to say I’ve had all of them.

The review I’m about to share is not on the best lobster roll I’ve ever eaten. However, it is about one of the best* experiences I’ve ever had while eating a lobster roll, and that’s what counts, right?


How else are you going to justify $26 for a dressed up sandwich? It’s all about the experience.

So this review is for North River Lobster Co and if you haven’t been there yet you should put it on your summer to-do list. That list is probably looking pretty long by now and you’re starting to freak out, right? I get that. But move everything else aside and put this at the top.

Why? Because it’s a boat and we like boats, especially at sunset when you can take fantastically Instagram-able photos.


There’s also rosé and we really like rosé.

And while the aforementioned lobster roll is mediocre, you’re eating a lobster roll on a boat with rosé! Things could be worse.


The place: Again, it’s on a boat. Here’s how it works: There are specific sailing times. You show up 15-20 minutes before the sailing time and get in line. Access to the boat is free but it’s first come first served. That being said, there’s usually not a problem getting on.



Once you’ve gained access to the boat, do your thing. Seating is also first come first served so you don’t want to mess around. Here’s an insider tip: While everyone else goes to the top deck, make your way to the deck at the front of the boat on the second level. The views are just as good and it’s typically less crowded.


You actually don’t need to buy anything to sail – it’s counter service so no one’s coming around making you feel bad. And you don’t have to get off when it gets back to port so theoretically you could sail around for hours for free. It’s an interesting proposition that makes me wonder about their business model. But hey, not gonna question the system.

The food. It’s pretty much exclusively seafood. There’s a raw bar which is cool because when was the last time you saw a raw bar on a boat you didn’t have to pay for?

Infamous lobster roll
Peel n’ eat shrimp appetizer

So we’ve got oysters, we’ve got clams, we’ve got peel and eat shrimp and obviously we have lobster rolls. We also have fish tacos. Here’s another insider tip: the Captain’s Special is $47. It comes with your choice of any starter, any entrée or lobster roll, dessert and a soft drink.

This is an ok deal considering the appetizers range from $10-$17 dollars so you can really do it up big. But that’s not the tip. The tip is to get the Captain’s Special and an order of truffle of fries and split it with two people. Then you’re looking at $30 a person and that’s not bad.

The full spread

Remember: free boat.

The drinks. Full bar. Rosé.


*: The best experience I’ve ever had while eating a lobster roll was due to both the quality of the experience and of the lobster roll. There’s a seafood shack in Montauk called Duryea’s where you order at the counter and then grab a picnic table and you can eat on the water while watching the sunset. It was closed but now I think it’s open again which is good for mankind.

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