Rosé slushies

It’s past 5 on a Friday which can only mean one thing…


…I’m sitting at home blogging. Whaaaat? I know. I’m just that committed.

But last Friday evening I was deeply committed to preparations for my book club – you know, the one where we eat delicious things and drink copious amounts of wine and forget to discuss the book?

I’m pretty sure we’re all in one of those book clubs. Next week I’ll share the eggplant dip and roasted olive & grape crostini I made to munch on because they were delish.

But right now I’m about to make your nights with a recipe for rosé slushies, landing right in time for your Friday cocktail hour.  (Unless of course you’ve already started, in which case I salute you).

Like all the things I love, it involves throwing some things in the blender. Two things, in fact: rosé and aperol.*


But it does involve some lead time.

One week in advance, you need to get yourself some giant ice cube trays on Amazon. 1.5 trays hold a bottle of wine – isn’t that a fun fact?


One day in advance, you need to buy 1 to 2 (to 3, to 4) bottles of rosé, and freeze them.

Come Friday night you’ll be ready to go, sipping on the slushie, boozy, perfectly sweet cocktail of your dreams in no time.


Rosé slushies
Makes 6 smallish cocktails (next time I will definitely freeze a third bottle of rosé)

2 bottles rosé (dry or sweet to your preference)
1/2 cup aperol

Do ahead: Pour the rosé into ice cube trays and freeze.

In batches depending on the size of your blender, add rosé ice cubes and aperol to the blender and blend until slushy. If your slushies are seeming too chunky and you have it handy, add some liquid rosé and pulse the blender a few times.

Divide among glasses, enjoy & repeat.


*I’m obsessed with Aperol right now! If you didn’t have the foresight to freeze a bottle of rosé but you want to get the same flavor, pour some rosé into a glass with a few ice cubes and a splash of Aperol. Instantly, you’re in Italy.



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