A pound of brisket is a lot of brisket

I hope everyone had a fantastic Memorial Day weekend, and apologies for the radio silence! I had to go out of town unexpectedly, but I’m back with something delicious.

If there’s one piece of wisdom I can impart to all of you out there it is this: a pound of brisket is, like, an insane amount of meat.

This I learned at Mighty Quinn’s East Village location Friday night.

It’s not a lesson I regret learning in the slightest because that is some insane brisket and definitely worth over-doing it on.

There’s actually a decent amount of barbecue in NYC, representing a range of barbecue styles (Texas, North Carolina, Texas, Texas…). But Mighty Quinn’s is said to be among the best.

Now, I’m no barbecue expert but I’m inclined to agree. Let’s discuss.

The place. I can only speak for the East Village location but it has outside seating, as does the West Village one supposedly, so that’s always a plus if you can snag one. All around this is a no-muss no-fuss situation, as barbecue should be. You stand in a line which on Friday night was out the door but moved fast, and once you get your food you find a table.

You can also take it to go so as to be closer to your couch when the meat sweats kick in and you need to lie down and cry a bit. (This is a good sign by the way.)

The food. Oh em gee this stuff is so good. It’s Texas style which means the meat is the focus, with sauce as an after thought. As you might have guessed, we ordered the brisket. Yes, an actual pound of it and yes we ate it all. Summer bod diet starts today (after I go to Mission Chinese tonight hehe).


This meat is the real deal. Moist with a quarter inch of fat running along the top of each slice and a blackened salty crust. I forget how complex meat can be, but the brisket at Mighty Quinn’s is about as good as it gets.

Girl look at that brisket

The sides hold up too which is big for me because I’m crazy about BBQ sides. Quick question though: why is it that at most places a platter comes with only two sides? We know we’re getting burnt end baked beans. Let’s not quip here. And we’re also obviously getting potato salad-we’re only human. But we can’t have barbecue without cole slaw because WHAT!? Who eats barbecue without cole slaw??? So that means I’m paying for a third side when the cole slaw should just be a given. I find it endlessly perplexing.

At Mighty Quinn’s, though, they don’t have platters, just meat and meat on bread, so all the sides are a la carte. Obviously we got four. The slaw was vinegar-based which is what you need with this kind of meat. (Mayonnaise slaw is for saucy NC pulled pork, fact.) The burnt end beans were sweet and meaty which was good because we didn’t have enough meat on the table already..


We also got frites, but the real MVP was the potato salad. It wasn’t just creamy, it was tangy too, possibly from mustard, and had an amazing amount of crunch. I think anything they could chop or pickle they threw in


Speaking of pickles, you can get a plate of them fo free to top your feast. They have red onions, celery and cucumbers and they’re pretty too.


The drinks. We didn’t order any but I think beer is the sole contender. This isn’t the kind of place where you can order a glass of rosé, so that’s the only thing I would change.

But while we’re on the subject of rosé 🌹 after dinner we went to Antler Beer & Wine Dispensary and I got a Côtes du Rhône rosé slushy. Yes, you read that right, it was a rosé slushy and it was brilliant and I’ll be recreating it soon.



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